The Bat Dude

Building the Bat Car


Mounting and fitting of front turn signal lights



  1. Fabrication and mounting of the bat fins.

  2. Engine Cover and hinge mounting

  3. Complete re wiring

  4. Fabrication of steel windshield frame

  5. Fabrication and construction of Convertible  Top

  6. Fabrication of back window

  7. Fabrication of Front Beam support structure

  8. Fabrication of Gull Wing Doors

  9. Constructing retractable Headlights

  10. Mounting and fitting of front turn signal lights

  11. Mounting and fitting of Gas Tank

  12. Fabrication and installation of side scoops

  13. Fabrication of a 2"body lift

Mounting and fitting of front turn signal lights

I didn't like the way I saw lights mounted in the grill opening so I scoured the junk yards in search of the right radius front turn signal light fixture. I found an almost perfect match in a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

I did have to change the front shape a little cutting off about an inch of material and filling in with several layers of fiberglass.


Below: Its hard to see but cut a .090 steel piece for the assembly to lock into and the fiber glassed it into place.

Below: Left photo is what the turn signal looks like on the finished car. On the right photo, I outlined the .090 steel piece in red. The assembly locks into the inside and a screw fastens it to the body on the outside.