The Bat Dude's favorite links


Fun Places Links

Bat Dude loves to spend time underground so naturally Bat Dude's favorite place in the whole world is KARTCHNER CAVERNS STATE PARK


Another favorite place is COLOSSAL CAVE near Vail, AZ

For man made underground experience, BAT DUDE recommends The GOOD-ENOUGH-MINE-TOUR in Tombstone, AZ

The QUEEN MINE TOUR in Bisbee, AZ is another great underground experience. They put a yellow slicker on you and give you a helmet with a light on it and take you into the old mine that was made in 1915. Dress warm as it is only 47 degrees inside.

CORONADO CAVE, just south of Sierra Vista, AZ is another one of BAT DUDES all time favorites. Bring a flashlight for this self guided tour of this natural limestone cave.

Hot Rods in Old Vail, AZ one of Bat Dudes Favorite eating places. They  also have a garage where Bat Dude could actually work on the Bat Car if needed.

Benson Visitor Center is a good place to get local Benson Information such as RV park, Motels and Restaurants.

Map of Benson, AZ

Map of Cochise County, AZ is a great place to get information on Cochise County. Cochise County is 6,100 square miles and is larger the the state of Connecticut.


Other Bat Car source Links

Bradley is where BAT DUDE gets his Bat Car technical information

Frank and Joe at specialize in parts for the Bat Car

Rick at Jack Furrier Tire Center in Tucson found the correct Bat Car Tires. Finding the old 1970's 15" tires was a little harder than I thought. Rick knew just where to find them.

Another great site is Big Boys Toys

Triumph TR 7 Headlight Relays pdf