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Road Trips

  1. Kartchner Caverns State Park - Benson

  2. Gammons Gulch Movie Set - Cascabel

  3. Colossal Cave - Vail

  4. Singing Wind Bookshop - Benson

  5. Amerind Foundation - Dragoon

  6. Holy Trinity Monastery - Saint David

  7. Good Enough Mine Tour -Tombstone

  8. Gallery of Dreams - Saint David

  9. More to Come


Below are some photos from Bat Dude's trip to

Gammons Gulch Movie Set

Map of how to get to Gammons Gulch

Check out this gammons film I found on You tube. Then scroll down to see the photos I took at Gammons Gulch on March 3rd, 2013.


This is where you turn at Rock Springs Road to go to Gammons Gulch movie Set. The road is smooth enough for the Bat Car. It is also the same road to go to Forever Home Donkey Rescue. But that will be another trip on another day.

This is the Bat Car parked in front of the Saloon /sound stage that was built for the movie "The Gun Down" starring William Shockley and Peter Coyote. Below are some of the photos I took inside the saloon.

Here is the bar in the Saloon. Notice the cool antique brass cash register.

Here is inside the Saloon looking out toward the street. Jay and Joanne also rent this place out for weddings. If Batdude was ever to get married, it would have to be in a Saloon and Batdude would have to have massive amounts what's on tap in the Saloon.

And of course the Jail is located directly across the street from the saloon. How convenient is that?

And the Town Hall is also located conveniently next door to the Saloon.

There are lots of props that add to the detail to the town. Jay rents a lot of props to other movies shooting in Southern Arizona.

Jay has many old cars. This one still actually runs. There are also lots of really cool antiques. Check out the old gas pump back when gas was 15 cents a gallon.

This is a street scene looking Southeast. You can see the Chinese laundry in the background.

This is street scene looking North.

Here is another one of Jay's old trucks. He actually still uses this one around Gammons Gulch.

I believe this is also used in the weddings here. This is used when the groom has second thoughts.

Here is Jay taking a break with Batdude in front of the jail. This is just a few of the photos of Gammons Gulch. You really need to come see this place for yourself. Gammons Gulch is open Wednesday through Sunday. Give Jay and Joanna a call at 520-212-2831.