The Bat Dude

Building the Bat Car

Fabrication of back window



  1. Fabrication and mounting of the bat fins.

  2. Engine Cover and hinge mounting

  3. Complete re wiring

  4. Fabrication of steel windshield frame

  5. Fabrication and construction of Convertible  Top

  6. Fabrication of back window

  7. Fabrication of Front Beam support structure

  8. Fabrication of Gull Wing Doors

  9. Constructing retractable Headlights

  10. Mounting and fitting of front turn signal lights

  11. Mounting and fitting of Gas Tank

  12. Fabrication and installation of side scoops

  13. Fabrication of a 2"body lift

Fabrication of back window

I needed a back window but because of the bat wings, I could not use a stock Bradley Plexiglas rear window so I decided to make my own. I covered the areas that would come in contact with fiberglass with aluminum tape 2" wide. I then cut pieces of scrap 2X2 to fit between the "T" top and the back of the car.

I continued filling in with 2"X2" ribs and then added a piece of 1/8" plywood. then I took some of the .090 Polyethylene plastic I had bought for the doors and covered the back window. I taped it down with aluminum tape.

Then I cut fiberglass cloth to fit, masked around the car as not to spill the messy resin all over the car, and proceeded to brush black pigmented resin into the cloth. When it was still tacky I added the next layer of glass and resin. I continued until I had five layers of glass and resin. I let it cure for a day and removed the part the next day.

Below: I laid out where I wanted my window glass to be and I drilled 1 1/2" holes in the corners with a hole saw and finally used a router to cut the straight lines.


Below: I used some polyethylene plastic to make a smooth surface when it was finished. I made up a batch of resin, coated the side and while it was wet I clamped Polyethylene plastic to the wet surface being carful to keep the air bubbles out.


I added "T" nuts to the inside top so the whole frame can be attached to the "T" top and there are three 1/4 -20  stainless steel bolts that attach at the bottom the the car body.